RPTS (Rashmi Pushkars Trainings & System.)

RPTS, rolling strong in Education Industry is into the business of result oriented solutions through its core activities of Trainings, Consultations(Business & Education),Personal professional coaching, Tarot card Reading, Numerology, Voice-over Projects, Dubbings and counselling. The main objective of the Company is to impart trainings to people belonging to any segment or any age.

Tr. Rashmi Deshmukh Papalkar (MBA)

Managing Director

The first impression of the lady gives you an impression of a young, smiling, smart and well behaved personality. Very soft spoken with melodious voice yet with great clarity. She has a immense knowledge of speech patterns and it’s amazing to learn from her.

At the age of 15, she received National Award as a BEST SPEAKER OF INDIA from Indian Government. She is a born speaker, indeed! She has taken an International Trainer certification in 2011, received BEST TRAINER OF INDIA AWARD at Bangkok, Thailand. Though she did MBA (Advertising & Marketing Communication), she is living her passion as a career with great success.

People call her RD with love and respect. RD is a Busineess coach,Life Guru and a successful Enterpreneur. She is a Spiritual healer,NLP Sales Trainer,Motivational Speaker,Tarot card Master,Numerologist, Relation Counsellor, Voice over Artist and a Fantastic Anchor.

From last 6 years , RD has trained more than thousands of people in every walk of life and for every age group.

Entrepreneurs or Business Men/Women, Doctors, Engineers, Corporate Executives, Employees, Students, Housewives, Marketing/Sales Professionals, Networkers etc all who wish everlasting success, Happiness, Peace and personal growth have been benefitted.